About us

The Essalem clinic is a private and multidisciplinary health care facility that is located in Sousse in a residential area on the side of the Arab Maghreb Square.

The parent company, called SO.PRE.M, is a public limited company created in 1995 by a group of doctors and a family group with a registered capital of 1130,000 dinars, which has undergone three increases to 2030,000 dinars.

Since its creation, the SO.PRE.M is directed by a board of directors chaired by a doctor, ophthalmologist by training who exercises in liberal mode since 1987 being the founder of the project.

The Essalem Clinic started operating in February 1997 with a partial opening of 35 beds, 3 operating theaters and a staff of 66 employees. Currently the clinic has a staff of 165 employees, 60 hospital beds and 5 operating rooms.