Since its creation in 1997, the Essalem clinic has been committed to a continuous improvement of the quality of care and services offered. The introduction in 2009 of a quality management system for all its services has strengthen the patient's position, which is at the heart of Essalem clinic concerns.

Thus, the Essalem clinic becomes the first clinic to be certified ISO 9001 in the Tunisian central region. The clinic was certified by "Bureau Veritas" in 2010 thanks to the effort and involvement of all the staff of the establishment.

To preserve this label, the clinic is committed to defending its quality policy based on the following orientations:

  1. Listening to patients and doctors and striving to meet their demands.
  2. Carrying out the services that are most adapted to the needs of patients and requested by their doctors.
  3. Registering and writing our practices and updating them, based on quality standards.
  4. Ensuring the health and the safety of our patients and staff.
  5. Communicating the information inherent to patient care, from one department to another and enhance synergy between the various departments of the clinic.
  6. Continuously improve our services at all levels, evaluating our way of doing things and correcting gaps and dysfunctions.
  7. We want to remind you that quality is an emerging process that requires the active participation of all stakeholders.

    The Essalem clinic administration is committed to allocating all the necessary resources to maintain its Quality Management System and provide its patients with quality services.

    Several tools are implemented to ensure the maintenance of the quality management system and ensure its sustainability; we mention for example internal and external audits and controls, the annual management review, periodic meetings of the quality unit and the steering committee, continuous training, quality indicators, customer satisfaction surveys....

    To help us in this process of continuous improvement of our services, we invite you to fill in the satisfaction survey available online.