In order to continually improve its healthcare services in a security context, the Essalem clinic has set up a hospital hygiene management process and a risk management process that covers several areas:

Management of infectious clinical waste

The management of infectious clinical waste has an important place in our clinic since this waste poses risks to the patient, the staff and the environment.

We created our own waste management strategy and invested in this area. The participation in seminars and awareness days organized for this purpose, planning and adaptation of a long-term policy are the fundamental tools of our approach.

A good management of infectious clinical waste allows us to:

Nosocomial Infections Control Committee (fr. CLIN)

In order to implement this risk prevention approach, the clinic has constituted, since 2006, a committee to combat nosocomial infections whose missions are to:

The clinic is also equipped with an operational hygiene team (fr. EOH) which is an executing agency and whose mission is to implement and evaluate actions to combat infections associated with care (fr. IAS) defined by the program of the institution.